Appendix – Funeral Mass

To those who are bereaved, on an occasion like this, there is little we can say.  We will, however, support you in every possible way. 

The Funeral Mass has a clear message of hope.  Below you will find a selection of bible readings to choose from.  Pick those that have a special meaning for you.  Some family members may be composed enough to read on the day, but if you feel unable in the circumstances, then ask other members of the Parish Community.  There will always be someone who will be glad to do it for you. 

  • Choose one or two readings – to be read by one of the family or by someone from the community.
  • Music may be provided at all funeral Masses. 
  • Please also choose a psalm to be read.
  • You may also wish to discuss an appropriate Gospel reading with the Celebrant. 
  • During the Mass, family members may like to bring up the gifts – this may be less demanding than reading.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of the Mass with the Celebrant.

Order of Service

Entrance Hymn
Opening Prayer 
First Reading 
Responsorial Psalm
Second Reading  Gospel Acclamation
Gospel Reading
Bidding Prayers
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Communion Hymn
Final Commendation
Recessional Hymn

Please Note:

The Eulogy does not take place during the church service. If you would like a Eulogy, this takes place at the Committal (Burial or Cremation).